Less Components. Maximum Stability.

The FIXUS VARIIS temporary fixator is designed for acute trauma cases where immediate stabilization is needed.

For ideal pin placement, the FIXUS VARIIS main clamps offer full inclination and swiveling resulting in a full 360 degree  freedom of pin insertion.

The VARIIS  Clamps are quick to use, as ONE Clamp does it all:

  • Fixation of “Pin to Bar” – and – “Bar to Bar“.
  • 2 different Pin-sizes and
  • Optional Single or Dual Pin per Clamp.
  • 2 different Bar-sizes and
  • Optional Single or Dual Bar per Clamp.
  • Modular Pin Fitment with other FIXUS Trauma systems.

Combine our main VARIIS clamps with:
Ultra stiff & radiolucent Carbon Fibre Bars, Aluminum Angled Bars, the VARIIS X/T Multi-Pin clamps, and our Hybrid system for ultimate modularity.

By offering 2x 2 Pin Diameters per clamp, the VARIIS system allows trauma surgeons to swiftly choose and apply desired pins diameters for proper surgical technique. Maximizing frame stability and feasibly reducing chances of pintract infection. The 2 Bar Diameters per clamp offer: choice, extra stability (use 2 rods per clamp) and feature as a link between the “Large“ and “Medium“ clamp reducing the need for a “mixed clamp“ .


  • Reduced inventory and parts
  • Easy , quick snap- on function
  • One product for bar-bar and pin-bar
  • Multiple pin and bar sizes per clamp
  • One tool for tightening base clamps
  • Radiolucent at fracture point
  • Compatible with Hybrid Ring system


  • Temporary/Transient trauma stabilization 
  • Complex upper and lower extremity fractures
  • Open wound fractures
  • Fractures with polytrauma
  • Pediatric and Adult fractures
  • Temporary joint bridging

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