FIXUS88 – Hemicalotasis reconstruction

The FIXUS88 H-series is an addition to the FIXUS88 Reconstruction family. The “H-series” is designed for treatment of angular corrections using the hemicallotasis method.

Due to the increasing lifespan and activity level in the ageing population there is a growing need for alternative methods of treatment of degenerative diseases or/and treatment of congenital anomalies. Correction of bone deformities using the hemicallotasis method has particular benefits over more traditional used correction methods; causes less soft-tissue scarring and less distortion of the bone fragments. Specifically, for the Tibia this means; it will make it easier to do a TKA in the future. Combine this with minimal risk of under/over correction due to slow-gradual correction and early weight baring, makes the hemicallotasis procedure with the H-series an excellent choice.

Developed with:
Dr Rodrigo Mota Fernandes,  CALO – Centro de Alongamento Ósseo

Designed for maximum Precision and Safety


  • Gradually controlled angular correction
  • Integrated emergency lock
  • Fixus convex cortex stress relief
  • One size for all procedures
  • High stability, less infection danger and less pain
  • Minimal invasive


  • Tibia Hemicalotasis reconstruction
  • Femur Hemicalotasis reconstruction

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