FIXUS88 – Limb reconstruction

The FIXUS88 Reconstruction fixator is designed for long bone reconstructive treatment. The design allows for a versatile use in multiple disciplines, while retaining the elementary benefits of known fixation systems. The FIXUS88 Reconstruction fixator is made of lightweight components with multi adjustable settings for easy and manageable placement for maximum comfort for patient and surgeon. The combination of materials and finishing used, guarantees that the reconstruction fixator is rigid, light and durable.

The FIXUS88 Reconstruction fixation system is designed for long bone reconstructive surgery. The products are designed to be intuitive and familiar to use.

The progressive devices offer the possibilities for bone lengthening, bone transport, angular correction (the “ARC”) and translation (the “TRL“) All progressive movements are trackable with an indicative scale for reference. The BSC allows for extra stability during treatment through multiplanar pin placement.

Developed with:
– Dr. León Mora  Herrera, Director General CORA Group
Centro de Excelencia en Cirurgia Ortopedica Reconstructiva Y Alargamientos
–  Dr. Rodrigo Mota Fernandes,  CALO – Centro de Alongamento Ósseo
– Dr. Fabio Lucas Rodrigues,
Head of the Orthopedic Trauma Group, ABC Medical School

Lightweight and Modular Reconstruction


  • Modular frame components allow independent pin placement
  • High stability in multiple planes
  • Uni-lateral design with Bi-planar capability
  • Standard inclination control for accessing curved bones or fragments
  • Compression / Distraction device for infinite length
  • Radiolucent carbon fiber rod allows complete fracture visualization
  • Progressive correction in all planes


  • Limb reconstruction
  • Bone loss (with shortening)
  • Bone Lengthening
  • Complex tibia and femur fractures
  • Non-union with major soft tissue defect

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