The FIXUS66 Trauma fixator is specially designed for long bone applications with a short to medium long treatment period. Fixus universal flexible system allows for high flexibility in placement and high stability. The base of the FIXUS66 Trauma fixator exists of a radiolucent specially developed carbon rod for extra stability, stiffness and excellent fracture visualization. Combined with a minimum of amount of parts makes the FIXUS66 a user friendly and highly stable fixator.

The FIXUS66 fixator entails fixus design philosophy to place pins in a bi-planar position for more stability without adding additional parts. Together with the bi-planar option the FIXUS66 fixator offers a comprehensive surgical solution for unrestricted manipulation of the fracture while the fixator is in place. Making it easy to adjust the alignment of the fracture without having to reconfigure the whole system.

The versatility in pin placement combined with a linear fixator gives the surgeon maximum option to place the pins and avoid soft tissue damage without losing the comfort of a rigid system.

Rigidity and Flexibility in one device


  • Designed for independent pin placement in proximal & distal fractures
  • Fixator allows for placement in parallel or in a V pin configuration
  • Radiolucent carbon fiber rod allows complete fracture visualization
  • Stable system for early weight bearing and mobilization
  • Linear fixator with maximum freedom of pin placement
  • Compatible with the Hybrid system


  • Complex upper and lower extremity fractures
  • Open wound fractures
  • Fractures with polytrauma
  • Pediatric and Adult fractures
  • Temporary joint bridging

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