The FIXUS66 Low Pilon fixator is designed specially for distal tibia applications with a short to medium long treatment period. Specially for inter-articular and unstable tibial pilon fractures.

For flexible pin placement, the FIXUS66 LP hinge has the possibility for the talus pin to swivel for optimal placement in the talusneck. In the calcaneus it is possible to use different types and quantities of pinholders for optimal pinplacement.
The Low Pilon is modular in use with the FIXUS66 Trauma systems, which allows for high flexibility & stability in placement and allowing for adjustment during surgery for optimal fracture allignment.

Combine different lengths of FIXUS66 rods, the CD unit or hybrid rings and the LP is ready to treat any unexpected trauma case.

Designed for visibility and movement


  • Dedicated Trauma Low Pilon clamp
  • Radiolucent at fracture point/ankle joint
  • Full Articulation of Ankle joint, lockable
  • Angular scale to review articulation mobility
  • Little OR time, quick, easy placement with Kwire
  • Fixator allows for multiplanar pin placement
  • Lightweight construction
  • Designed for JUST-ADD system, allows to add components any time


  • Distal tibial fractures
  • High energy trauma

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