The FIXUS66 Hybrid Fixator was designed to provide maximum support for the bone in a simple device, capable of dealing with simple and complex trauma cases.

Tensioned Kirschner wires provide stable fixation in metaphysical bone. It is this property that has been responsible for the successful use in metaphysical and articular fractures. 

The use of tensioned wires on a single ring increases this stability to the extent that it will support an unstable tibial plateau fracture. Application of pins is simplified by the use of a standard round pin holders, which spreads the load around the fixator.

The FIXUS66 Hybrid Fixtor is particularly indicated for high energy or comminuted Schatzker fractures. Simple, oblique unstable metaphysic-disphyseal segments are well controlled but comminuted fracture lines greater than 45 degrees to the shaft may require additional fixation

Designed to keep hybrid fixation easy


  • Unlimited possibilities, and rapid assembly
  • Full ring set to protect soft tissue
  • Fewer components than traditional systems


  • Proximal tibial fractures
  • Distal tibial fractures

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