FIXUS66E – Elbow 

The FIXUS66 Elbow fixator extends the range of the FIXUS66 System to treat post-traumatic elbow stiffness as well as some acute elbow trauma. The benefit for this system is that it relies on the advantages of the FIXUS66 system with its lightweight, versatile and easy to use system. As all the Fixus External Fixation systems, the FIXUS 66 Elbow can be used either as a monolateral or bilateral configuration.

The Elbow hinge for the FIXUS66 is designed in a way that it absorbs all force during flexion and extension while securing a stable system around the pin sides and stable axis. 

The FIXUS66 Elbow fixator has a unique way to target the anatomical joint axis in the humerus. Where conventional systems rely on one target device, Fixus has designed a double targeting device for even better and quicker placement. This allows for quicker placement and less adjusting to find the right axis for smooth rotational motion. 

For maximum Precision and Stability


  • FIXUS66 stability, versatility and easy to use frame
  • Double (radiolucent) targeting device
  • Allows for controlled distraction of the joint
  • Full range of motion to avoid nerves
  • Allows for fully controlled rotational motion – Range of motion from 0 (stretched arm) to 125 degrees flexion


  • Intra-articular fractures 
  • Post-traumatic stiffness
  • Treatment of dislocated and rigid elbows
  • Persistent joint instability
  • Unstable elbow fractures
  • Distal humerus fractures

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