The FIXUS33 is a highly flexible, lightweight system specially designed for the small bone applications. The Fixus 33 has been designed in such a way that the fixator has no fixed size and can be used with any carbon size from 80mm up to 250mm, which allows for small bone fractures to longer humerus applications while maintaining the same easy to use lightweight frame.

The FIXUS33 comes in three basic setups, the rigid fixator, the flexible fixator and non-bridging radius fixator.

The unique and patented dynamic flexion device of the Fixus33 is a proven aid in the prevention of post treatment joint stiffness. The device is adjustable and allows a step-less control of wrist joint movement from rigid to a range of 30 degrees. The FIXUS33 is a highly stable, lightweight fixator for distal radius fractures. It can be used for the most complex extra-articular or trans-articular applications. When desired, the wrist joint can be mobilized without displacement of fracture fragments. Extra-articular applications allow motion from day one and improved patient function during treatment with preserved volar tilt.

Rigidity and Flexibility in one device


  • Radiolucent carbon fiber rod, in sizes from 80 to 250mm, allowing complete fracture visualization
  • Unique and patented dynamic flexion device to avoid joint stiffness
  • Ball clamps can be positioned in a variety of ways to allow for optimal pin placement, easy frame adaptability, and access to the locking screws
  • Modular frame components allow independent pin placement and enables the surgeon to build the frame around the fracture
  • Radiolucent carbon fiber rod allows complete fracture visualization


  • Distal radius fractures
  • Calcaneus fractures
  • Pediatrics
  • Proximal Humerus
  • Open fractures

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