The FIXUS22 is designed for small bone usage. It has been designed to answer the growing needs of small-bone injuries by ensuring ease-of-use, versatility and patient comfort. The overall size of the fixator makes it the most compact and light weighted device offered today. The low profile carbon 3 mm bar and aluminium ball clamp assembly is excellent for patient comfort, while still intending to maintain secure strength and durability.

Fixus offers the FIXUS22 in three basic setups; rigid fixator, flexible fixator and fixator with compression-distraction. The flexible fixator has the unique dynamic flexion which is a proven aid in the prevention of post treatment finger joint stiffness. The device is adjustable and allows a step-less control of poly-axial finger movement with a step-less range of 30 degrees in all directions.

Lightweight and Flexibility in one device


  • Ball clamps can be positioned in a variety of ways to allow for optimal pinĀ placement, easy frame adaptability, and access to the locking screws
  • Unique and patented dynamic flexion device to avoid finger joint stiffness
  • Ball clamps and round pin holders allow insertion of pins parallel or in a V
  • Radiolucent carbon fiber rod allows complete fracture visualization


  • Metacarpal fractures
  • Metatarsal fractures
  • Phalangeal fractures
  • Open fractures
  • Complex soft tissue infections
  • Small joint arthrodesis
  • Hand Contractures

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