Fixus External Bone Fixation
External fixation is a well known and accepted technique for all kinds of bone fractures. The FIXUS External Fixation System (FEFS) has been developed with a number of mechanical features while paying particular attention to proven principles and plain simplicity. The FEFS’s are completely unique in the way the external fixator is built around the fracture giving optimal stability for long and short duration of treatment.

The FEFS is specifically designed to be placed as a bi-planar fixator. The refined pin clamping mechanisms which allows for a bi-planar (V) form pin configuration resulting in an unsurpassed degree of flexibility and stability for the surgeon when constructing the actual frame around the fracture side. A bi-lateral pin insertion is catered for in long bone applications, therefore a high degree of rigidity is guaranteed.

Considerable weight reduction is achieved with the extensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber. To make the FEFS as user friendly as possible it is not only light but also consist of a minimum amount of parts, which give a high degree of freedom while maintaining maximum stability. The basis of the FEFS consist of the specially braided carbon rods to give the highest amount of stiffness while maintaining a lightweight base.

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